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Absurdly pleased with myself

I've got my new laptop! And it's beautiful! Spent 4 hours this afternoon migrating stuff off the old one including all my email (had to do the mailboxes individually as they were a bit too big for a bulk effort!) and I'm up and running!! Wheeeeeeee!

OK, it's not brand new but it's at least 7 years younger than my old one - and everything works!!!!!


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Woo-hoo! New computers are such fun [g].

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I'm somewhat amused by the (LED-backlit) keyboard's habit of lighting up when the sun goes behind a cloud, then abruptly winking out when it thinks the ambient light is good enough! A bit startling, that!

And I'm finally able to start catching up on the LMB list (some 4,000 messages) as I no longer have to go down to the office to get email!! I know I should delete them but the discussion is Chalion and I love those so much more than the Vorkosiverse books.

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Oh, that would drive me nuts. My netbook is almost impossible to read in the sunshine, which is its only drawback.

The Chalion discussion was a good one. The Sharing Knife discussion was lively, too (I don't much care for the SK books, so I didn't pay much attention to it, but the quantity of messages was pretty hefty).

But to like the Chalion books better than the Vorkosiverse?!?!? That's heresy! (I do adore Paladin, and I like CoC, but compared to Miles? No way).
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Squee! Have you named it?

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Actually, no. But then I've never actually named a computer before. Hmmm, maybe I'll just call it Mac?