Jan. 12th, 2012 10:25 pm
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Tonight I made the microwave caramel (dulce de leche)

ready to make the Caramel Fudge Brownies tomorrow:

with added macadamias - because I can, so there!

Soup week!

May. 31st, 2011 07:41 pm
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After the triumphal pumpkin soup of last Thursday night we made French Onion out of the left over onions from the barbecue. Cold-chasing stuff indeed!
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Solange came by on Saturday morning for coffee as per normal and easked where she could buy a good cake or slice as she was going for afternoon tea on Sunday. Pure sacrilege! So, collecting a few ingredients we set to:

These are just amazing and I may have mentioned them before but the combination of cranberries and dark choc chips with cinnamon and orange rind in the base and that lovely creamy cheesecake-y topping is just YUM! As he was leaving, John asked for his favourite Sultana Loaf- which is the easiest cake in the world to make:

I know [ profile] mmegaera hates sultanas so I will remark that this is equally good using any dried fruit you like - apricot and date is my favourite. I've also made it lactose free by substituting cold tea for the milk.
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I've been reading a lot of Susan Elizabeth Phillips lately (run out of Jennifer Crusie) and noticed something interesting.

Usians don't have bread-and-butter pudding as a dessert the way we UK/Aussie types do. They have something called French Toast Casserole - and they eat it for breakfast! I wonder if it's ever made with croissants like you get it at the Saigon Hot Bake? I've never had croissants left over in our house so the opportunity to make it myself has never arisen.

And they don't seem to have "main course" when they go to a restaurant. They call it entree. Which is weird because surely the entree is the thing you have first as an "entree" to the meal? That's certainly the way we do it here:- Entree, Main, Cheese and/or Dessert. Yet another one of those 'separated by a common language' things (even if the word in question is actually French).

I'm enjoying her books, though.


Jan. 31st, 2010 04:35 pm
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Sunday afternoon cooking fun with the kids. We made a couple of these:

but put the first one in too small a mug, hence vol-cake-o!

Second one we made in an enormous Lady Jayne coffee cup that a client gave me for xmas last year; that one behaved.

Damn, but that's good cake!
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So, the book is "Cherry Cheesecake Murder" but Joanne Fluke. Subtitled "A Hannah Swensen Mystery with Recipes".

A recipe titled All-Nighter Cookies calls for 'peanut butter chips' - I have no idea what these are and would welcome some enlightenment.

Another titled Angel Kisses uses something called "Hershey's Kisses" put into the middle of what sounds like an Italian meringue stiffened with flour - also no idea what she's talking about there.

Finally, in one titled "ooey-Gooey Chewy Cookie Bars" she specifies unsweetened baking cocoa and goes on to say "Make sure you get an American brand - some of the others are Dutch process and they won't work in this recipe." I have Cadbury's cocoa powder (Australian) and Schmidt's Dunkle Kakao (German) both are unsweetened pure cocoa powder but neither mention this 'Dutch process' on the boxes. Can anyone tell me what she's talking about?

Thanking responders in advance and returning you to your regular programming.

PS - I had my first recipe accepted by Best Recipes last week. Go to

and search under Easy Sultana Loaf
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Today I made these delicious squares, the recipe for which came from:
Recipe behind cut )

Absolutely scrummy. I'm making those again.
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I stumbled across this recipe a couple of weeks ago - not sure where from:

Planning to make them soon.
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I got up this morning determined to have another go at making [ profile] mmegaera's biscuit recipe.

I bought Copha last week so was all set. The grating trick worked really well to keep the fat still separate from the flour and the texture of the finished product was very different from the previous effort. Quite fluffy and flaky with a more savoury flavour. Some of the Copha melted out of them during cooking and was left behind on the baking sheet but that just made the bottoms crunchy too.

Altogether I think I can claim success at last. Definitely one to try as a pie topping - steak and kidney or chicken would be good - or on the side with a stew.
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Well I finally got around to making this tonight:

Very easy, although I found it better to add the milk and egg together, easier to mix without going doughy. Used my special non-Australian measuring spoons to get the 15ml tablespoon and a normal coffee mug of about 330ml. The chocolate chips tended to sink to the bottom of the mug, making it difficult to get out - guess you could just eat it with a spoon - but it was quite delicious. Might possibly dissolve a little instant coffee to get a more mocha flavour going - and white chocolate chips for colour interest.

Definite recommendation anyway.

Addendum: Eat while still warm as it goes heavy and hard when cold.
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Okey. A request for my USian friendslist. Given that you lot have now convinced me that these are not the same thing, could anyone who'd like to please reply with your favourite Biscuit recipe. I make pretty awesome scones (if I do say so myself) but I'd really like to give biscuits a try and would appreciate a recipe that someone knows and trusts.
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Made Dorian's Secret Family Fudge yesterday. Yummmmm. I can see why her hubby calls it tablet as the texture is more crystalline than commercial fudge - although that may be a result of the beating, more or less.

Still very delicious and I love the caramel flavour, not being a fan of chocolate-flavoured fudge. Naturally I had to subscribe to the community (no,really?) and this one came up yesterday.

Now this looks good - I wonder if they are USA tablespoons? And how big is the coffee mug?

DEfinitely going to give this one a try with the girls - just up their alley.


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