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John is away down the coast with our friend John. They seem to be doing a heap of walking on the beach with the dogs, drinking whisky and watching war movies.

We here at home are sitting kniiting in armchairs with cats on our laps, drinking sloe gin and tokay (not together - eeek!) and watching movies with hot actors - Jeremy Northam, Kenneth Branagh, Mathew MacFadyen, Toby Stephens, Colin Firth.

Wonder who is having more fun?


Oct. 5th, 2010 09:52 pm
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Family Movie Night this week was Ladyhawke. Last week was Twelfth Night. Next week we're doing the 2005 remake of Pride & Prejudice. In the meantime we're watching episodes of the 1995 BBC version, one per night which will take nearly the whole week.

This is fun. Aren't I lucky we have girls [WEG]!
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As it was the last day of our 'holiday' today, we finally got around to seeing Star Trek. At the Dendy Premium Lounge. Woot!

That has got to be the best way to see movies, definitely spoiled me for the ordinary cinemas. We joined the Dendy Club and will probably make that one of our 'treats' from now on. Amazingly comfortable recliner couches and good coffee in a small, quiet cinema - I'm hooked.

And the movie wasn't bad either. I really liked Karl Urban in this, but I didn't recognise any of the other leads. OK, I picked Eric Bana and Ben Cross but that was about it. The guy playing Spock was vaguely familiar but I didn't connect until I got home to IMDb. And I certainly didn't pick up on Winona Ryder as Amanda. Allright, inconsistencies and plot holes you could drive a spaceship through, but nicely entertaining for all that.

The LOL moment was something only an Aussie would appreciated, however. In the barfight scene, Kirk calls one of the cadets "cupcake". Sometime later in the film, the same cadet has to take Kirk to the bridge and says "come with me, cupcake" OWTTE. At which point I leaned over to John and said "Captain Cupcake, surely".

Apologies to those not amused.


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