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When will you learn to think through your crappy analogies?

No, it's not like you going to a London restaurant to eat three nights a week then wanting a stake in the place.

The proper analogy is that you own the restaurant and it is the chef and kitchen staff, who actually produce the food, who want a stake in the restaurant - which is currently run solely for the benefit of a megalomaniacal dwarf who charges the customers an absolute motza to eat there.

Yes, the waiters are the best in the world at what they do and the customers don't have any other option but to come to your restaurant if they want to see these waiters perform to the best of their ability. But that doesn't mean that someone else may not want to buy you out - or at least get a stake in your exclusive place.

Now that's an analogy, Bernie, that's an awful lot closer to the real situation.
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What a drive!!!

Mark qualified 18th due to no KERS(1) and hard tyres - which had the unintended consequence of leaving him with 3 sets of brand-new soft tyres for the race (not having wasted any in Q2 or Q3). A full-on incredibly balls'n'all drive - still with no KERS and a 3-stop strategy - saw him finish 3rd and on the podium for the first time this year. He's now 4th in the championshiop standings and only 1 point behind Jenson Button.

I still don't like KERS and I'm definitely against the DRS(2) as well. But this does seem to be shaping up to be a very interesting year in F1 for all that.

1 - Kinetic Energy Recovery System: stores the energy from braking in a battery type thingy and it can thern be accessed by the driver pushing a button - gives them a sudden boost of about 80bhp.

2 - Drag Reduction System: a flap opens up in the rear wing allowing the car's aerodynamics to overcome drag from following someone closely, supposed to assist with overtaking.
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Oh, for goodness' sake. The poor guy gets run over during his own charity event!,23599,24689596-2,00.html?from=public_rss

Here's hoping he gets better soon. Off season testing starts in January and the Australian GP is in March. Just as well he's about the fittest driver on the GP circuit. I'm getting flashbacks to last March and my own, similar, injury. At least I didn't have to have a pin in mine.


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