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I realise that I have been most remiss in not posting these earlier. I'm going to use the answers that were sent to me by the various list-members at the time:

Challenge #1
The Unknown Ajax )

Challenge #2
Faro's Daughter )

Challenge #3
The Black Sheep )

Challenge #4
Frederica )

Challenge #5
Arabella )

Challenge #6
Venetia )

Challenge #7
Lady of Quality )

Challenge #8
Pistols for Two )

Challenge #9
The Toll Gate )

Challenge #10
The Black Moth )

I hope you enjoyed those. Anyone who is interested may like to consider joining the Heyer list - if you're not already swamped with mail from the fandoms you currently inhabit that is.........
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This is the last one for this month ladies, as Real Life (TM) catches up to me with a vengeance. Thank you for allowing me to amuse you a little this month. It has been a pleasure.

It's a bit more difficult I think (although if you know it - you know it!) because it's a bit short but much more and I give it away.

Challenge #10 )

So who are X and Y?
What is the X's action that Y finds difficult to understand?
Which book?

Bonus punch (last orders!!) for naming Heyero, Heyeroine and Villain.
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Another easy one - from one of my favourites (again):

Challenge #9 )

Who are X, Y and Z?
Which book?
What has Y been up to?
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This one was easier - got lots of responses:

Challenge #8 )

So who are X, Y and Z - and Q as well?
Which book?
What, exactly, did Y do to make X think Y deranged?

and the bonus punch - what was Y really doing?
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For brevity I'll hide the challenge itself but here's the next one:

Challenge #7 )

So the usual questions:

Who are X, XX, Y and Z?
What, according to Y, have Z and Q being doing?
Which book?

Bonus punch (I really am going to have to put up the recipe, aren't I?) for those who can tell me what X suggests that Y has been doing and what they should do next.
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Challenge#6 )

Okay. hopefully that's enough to get those brain cells buzzing.

Who are X and Y, who is the Z of whom they are speaking?
What was the behaviour of Y that has X so mortified?
Which book?

For a bonus - oh all right, it's the punch again - who does Y remind X of at that time?
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As a member of the Heyer-list I've enjoyed taking part in the monthly challenges and finally got up the guts to volunteer as a Challenger for October.

Just for interest's sake - and to keep a record of them where I can find them easily - I've decided to put my challenges onto LJ. I've done five so far and I'm enjoying it. Trying not to make them too hard but still hard enough to be challenging!

Here's the first one - anyone want to have a try at guessing:

Challenge #1 )

Who are X and Y, which book - and why does Y think X has a few
kangaroos loose in the top paddock?


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