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John is away down the coast with our friend John. They seem to be doing a heap of walking on the beach with the dogs, drinking whisky and watching war movies.

We here at home are sitting kniiting in armchairs with cats on our laps, drinking sloe gin and tokay (not together - eeek!) and watching movies with hot actors - Jeremy Northam, Kenneth Branagh, Mathew MacFadyen, Toby Stephens, Colin Firth.

Wonder who is having more fun?
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The two on the right hand end of the top row are right up my alley! They are just begging to be made into the two sides of a knitting bag. I can adapt a cross-stitch chart to a knitting chart, I'm sure.


Oct. 2nd, 2010 11:10 pm
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Bloody hell!!! I've just had to frog back over 6,000 stitches - the whole of this week's work on the sweater - because of a mistake I didn't see earlier. A really bad mistake which would have looked truly awful if I hadn't fixed it. That's my consolation, anal-retentive accountant type that I am. Still hoping to get it in the post before the end of the month - will have to work harder [g].


Sep. 28th, 2010 06:45 pm
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Aaargh! It's like knitting an octopus! I really need to post some pics [g]

Hope it fits!!!
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Tonight I finished the split-the-front-and-back-tube-at-the-underarm stage. And have commenced sleeve number one. Pictures to follow soon (I'm getting better with the iPhone!)
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I'm experimenting with a cross-post link to my Facebook photo profile. Not sure if this is going to work at all, let me know if it doesn't and I'll edit it to get the photos from somewhere else:

The pattern is from "Candy Crochet" by Candi Jensen although I have adapted her trademark 'pattern stitch' which is half-trebles (that would be half-doubles to you USian types!) made alternately into the front and back loops of the stitches as you go across the row (honestly, she seems to use that in _loads_ of her patterns). I made all stitches just into the back loops only to get the textured stripes. And I knitted the faux-fur collar and cuffs because crocheting with that stuff is a b*tch!

Question for the flist: Do you think I should add a 'cuff' of the white stuff to the hemline? I was going to but now I'm not so sure. Honestly, do you think it would improve the overall look?
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My beautiful set of interchangeable circulars arrived today. Luvverly! Although the tortoiseshell-coloured casein knitting needles I had ordered were not correct - they had sent the ivory-coloured ones which just look like cream-coloured plastic. They have the beautiful smoothness of casein but aren't what I ordered. An email to the shop brought forth a phone-call 1/2 hour later. Janette apologised profusely and promised to put the correct needles in the mail today, express-post.

As it was their fault there would be no postage cost, so Janette kindly asked me if there was anything else I wanted! Dangerous, that. I requested a set of 3.75mm tips and a 100cm cable to fill a couple of gaps in the new set. As well as another two sets of the casein needles, 35cm length in 4.50mm and 5.00mm sizes. Shiny new toys to play with! Feel my icon is particularly apropos right now - hate BAS time, wish it were over.


Apr. 27th, 2010 11:06 pm
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Want one of these!

We're going to Sydney on Friday, hopefully able to pick one up then.
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Oh poop! Double poop! Got about 10cm up from the start of the sweater and measured the width. 60cm instead of 63cm! Have now frogged out the stocking stitch part down to the rib, increased by 6 stitches front and back and coming back up now. Bugger!
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I was wasting time on the LOLcats site this morning and found the following:

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Now I want to find a pattern for the poncho the baby is wearing. Does anyone out there have one like it? Or ideas on how I can find one?

PS - I'd also like to know how to have that site feed to my friendspage like xkcd does - I can't seem to make the RSS feed stuff work and I'm not sure what I did wrong cause it just ended up in my bookmarks instead.
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I've put the bumblebee on hold for a short while as I produce jumpers for the girls.

The first one, for Alix, is striped in white and space-dyed pink/purple (the yarn I used for her zip-up jacket) and the second, for Sami, is white and the same space-dyed blue/green Mum used for her zip-up jacket. The other difference is that Alix's is completely knitted whereas Sami's will have knitted cuffs and bands but crocheted body as per the pattern she found. Alix's has a basket-weave pattern in the white stripes for interest.

I've actually made up the pattern for Alix's jumper using a kids' pattern from my Creative Needles set and working out the increases on the fly. I'm almost finished - have about 10 rows of the second sleeve to do and then sew it up. I'll post a picture of it as soon as possible.

If any of the crafty crowd out there would like to give me some critique of my roughly written down patternit's here ).

I'm not sure if it make sense and would appreciate some comments. Is there somewhere to publish knitting patterns? Wouldn't mind sharing this one as it looks very pretty.
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My favourite nephew advised at xmas that he and his wife are expecting their first sometime in late July.

So I am currently knitting a Bumblebee Babysuit which looks really cute. It's likely to be rather big for a newborn but will be perfect once kid is a bit bigger and autumn comes around in March/April.

I'm using this as a rest-break from the fair-isle sweater I'm doing for the girls (one each) to use up the yarn I got for their zip-up jackets. Really have to work out how to post some pictures seeing as how I'm being all productive and stuff.


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